Faculty of Information Technology was established in the early days of HCMC Open University on September 1990. For over 25 years of establishment and development, the faculty has been having the staff with experienced and dedicated lecturers, along with visited lecturers from other universities and institutes in HCMC. The Faculty has been provided approximately 5000 bachelors of computer science for the society.


The Faculty has trained human resources for the Information Technology field and for the industrialization and modernization of the country with good work ethnic, good theoretical knowledge, practical soft-skills, and capabilities to catch new issues of the developing industry. The graduate students from the Faculty can find job of training professional fields at the rate of 90%; and nearly 40% of our students are employed during their internships. Moreover, we are proud that students graduated from our Faculty are not only good developers or lecturers of Colleges and Universities but also hold important roles in companies and Institutes.


In addition with professional training, the Faculty always take care of scientific research in the teacher staff and the students as well. Our Faculty is deeply honored to receive the certificates of excellence in scientific research from the president of our University in 3 consecutive years (2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014). These rewards are the results of dedicated supports from our teachers to help students accomplish their research splendidly. Since 2003, every year, our students often get high positions of national competitions such as National Olympic of Informatics, Eureka – Ho Chi Minh city awards for best student researches, Vietnamese Youth Talented Scientists, Application Development Competition, etc.


Academic Programs: The Faculty has 4-year program for undergraduate students with 2 academic programs:


Computer Science (Code: D480101)

This program offers the Bachelor of Science with basic and advanced knowledge of Computer Science, along with the ability to research and develop IT applications. Students graduated from this program can have jobs as developers, coders, computer specialists, technique advisors, network administrators, project managers, researchers or lecturers of colleges. There are 3 specialized sub-majorities:

Computer Networking

Database System

Computer Graphics


Information Management Systems (Code: D340405)

This program offers the Bachelor of Science with basic and advanced knowledge of Information Management Systems, including cognition of Information Technology as well as of the Economics and System Administration. There are 2 specialized sub-majorities:

System Administrator

Information Technology


Academic Program Highlights

The program is organized based on credit rules referred from many advanced academic programs of famous local and foreign universities (with ACM Standards)

Most courses focus on developing the useful abilities for students such as the abilities of knowledge applying, practicing, self-studying and researching.

The teaching books and references are various in both English and Vietnamese.


Department Leaders

Lê Xuân Trường, Ph.D.

Position: Dean
Email: truong.lx@ou.edu.vn 




Department Staffs

Phạm Hùng Cẩm Huyên Anh

Position: Lecturer - Staff

Địa chỉ Email: anh.phch@ou.edu.vn




Đào Thế Long, Ph.D.

Email: longdao1950@yahoo.com

Phan Đạt Phúc, Ph.D.

Email : phandatphuc@yahoo.com

Trương Hoàng Vinh, Ph.D.

Position: Lecturer

Email: vinh.th@ou.edu.vn

Võ Thị Kim Anh, M.Sc.

Email: anh.vtk@ou.edu.vn

Tô Oai Hùng, M.Sc.

Senior Lecturer

Email: hung.to@ou.edu.vn

Hồ Quang Khải, M.Sc.

Email: khai.hq@ou.edu.vn

Lưu Quang Phương, M.Sc.

Email: phuong.lq@ou.edu.vn

Lê Viết Tuấn, M.Sc.

Email: tuan.lv@ou.edu.vn

Võ Thị Hồng Tuyết, M.Sc.

Email: tuyet.vth@ou.edu.vn

Lê HồngThái, M.Sc.

Email: thai.lh@ou.edu.vn

Dương Hữu Thành, M.Sc.

Email: thanh.dh@ou.edu.vn

Nguyễn Thị Mai Trang, M.Sc.

Email: trang.ntm@ou.edu.vn

Nguyễn Thị Phương Trang, Ph.D candidate.

Email: trang.ntp@ou.edu.vn


Visiting Lecturers


Đỗ Hoàng Cường, M.Sc.

Senior Lecturer

Email : dohoangcuong@gmail.com






Room 401, 35-37 Ho Hao Hon Street, district 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone: (84) (028) 3838.6603

Email: fcs@ou.edu.vn